Pushing Past Plateau

Plateaus are something to push against. They help you climb up to the next level. It is a resting spot to help your body adjust. They do not last forever.


Out of Sorts

For the past few days I have been battling a major sinus infection. It amazes me what a little bit of feeling under the weather can do. Prior to today I was feeling triumphant. I was in 'the zone' and felt like I was winning.

What’s your work out style?

My husband did morning PT for 20 years in the Marine Corp. Now he hates morning workouts. He likes to go to the gym after work. He does a few minutes of cardio and then hits the weights hard. It relieves the stress of his day.

Results of Bathroom Scale Madness

I am convinced that bathroom scales made for home use are for general idea use and not NASA science use. But try to tell anyone who is dieting that .2 lbs or even worse, 1.4 lbs. is nothing to worry or get excited about.

A day without Ketone Shakes…

Yesterday I purposely did not make or drink any ketone shakes to see if my body would stay in ketosis without them. The answer is yes. Here is my test strip last night at midnight. It doesn't show a large amount of ketones but it does show at least a moderate level.