Pushing Past Plateau

Plateaus are something to push against. They help you climb up to the next level. It is a resting spot to help your body adjust. They do not last forever.


A day without Ketone Shakes…

Yesterday I purposely did not make or drink any ketone shakes to see if my body would stay in ketosis without them. The answer is yes. Here is my test strip last night at midnight. It doesn't show a large amount of ketones but it does show at least a moderate level.

Temporary Setback Day 10

Well, all I can say is I blew it yesterday. I had two ketone shakes during the day and ate an Atkins Peanut Carmel Cluster Bar and a hand full of almonds. I hung out with my husband all day. So far so good. Then we went to a birthday dinner at a restaurant for a friend.

Day 7 and I am down 5.6 lbs…woo hoo!

To summarize what is working for me, so far it is mixing up and drinking the ketone shake, using intermittent fasting and aiming for eating low carb but not being too strict about it.

I cannot believe these results!

A picture is worth a thousand words. Day 6 morning weigh in and I lost 3.2 lbs. since yesterday and 5.6 pounds overall. I could not believe my eyes this morning! Here is a log of my day yesterday: