Fur Babies


***I am not a health professional. I have no idea what is best for you. I can’t and don’t intend to give health advice to anyone. Please check with your doctor before starting a new supplement or changing your diet or starting a new activity.***

Meet the fur babies. Benny and Abigail. I pet sit from time to time. Benny (the shitzu) is one of my friends dogs. He and my dog Abigail adore each other. Most of their time together is spent just like this. Other than walks, they don’t move for much that doesn’t involve food.

They are the beneficiaries of my children being grown and gone. Two of the laziest and spoiled pups on the planet. Nothing but belly rubs, snuggles and home made food for these two. My husband says he wants to come back in his next life as one of my dogs 🐶.

But- I get back more than I give. They are always happy to see me. They alert me when someone comes near my home. They never give me any back talk and they demand nothing but love ❤️. They also make me more active with walking, which is good for my health and fitness.

My weigh in pictures from the past two days are below. I have had steak and green beans each day and two ketone shakes (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) which you can order here. 

The shakes help curb my appetite, give me energy and make it easy for me to stick to low carb. I also use  intermittent fasting.

I have started  working out again. I have walked 4 days out of the past 16 days. I walked anywhere from 2 to 3 miles each of the 4 days.

I am down 8.2 lbs in 16 days! I hope you have a safe and happy 4th of July.


Dawn Green

Why do I use more than one scale? See my previous post here.








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