Results of Bathroom Scale Madness



As you may know from my previous post, Bathroom Scale Madness,  I have been trying out several bathroom scales in search of the most accurate scale. Here is what I have learned.

All of the scales I tested varied my weight with repeated use that occured within minutes of each other. I did nothing to change my weight in between each use. I did not eat or drink or use the bathroom. Every scale varied, some up to 1.4 lbs.

The most consistent of all the scales I tested was the Taylor scale (black and silver with red numbers) above. It usually registered my weight the same, each time frame, stepping on it multiple times within each time frame. When the Taylor scale did vary, it usually varied up or down by .2 lbs.

I am convinced that bathroom scales made for home use are for general idea use and not NASA science use. But try to tell anyone who is dieting that .2 lbs or even worse, 1.4 lbs. is nothing to worry or get excited about.

I know for me, weighing myself every day is important. During time periods of my life where I didn’t weigh myself every day, I usually gained weight. My husbands’ doctor told him to ‘step on the scale every day because your eyes lie’. Good advice.

However, my weight loss is about a lifestyle mission of change and not just the number on my scale. A friend told me she uses a fitness tracker with her scale and an app that keeps track of her activity, sleep and weight. So I went back to Target.

I purchased a fitness watch and smart scale. I can review my progress online as I march on toward my goal.* See follow up note at the bottom of this post.

I am really excited. Day 13. I am learning more every day. I might not be able to state the exact launch sequence of takeoff for the next moon landing, but my weight is down somewhere in the neighborhood of 7 lbs! Check out the pictures above.

I will still be posting pictures with the scale I started this blog with. She started this journey with me and she is staying. I plan to keep the trustworthy Taylor scale for reference against any other scale I try out.

It may be overkill – but documenting my progress and knowing I am making some is important to me. I hope you will bear with me as I barrel full steam ahead.


Dawn Green

*Follow up on the iHealth scale and iHealth fitness watch: The scale varied when stepping on it multiple times in a row. With only a few seconds in between each weigh in, it sometimes varied up to .9 lbs. That amount of fluctuation makes it unreliable for the purpose of this blog. 

The fitness watch sleep function recorded that I was sleeping, just by laying down, even when I stayed awake to read etc. In order to make the display turn on for the fitness watch, I had to move my wrist, sometimes repeatedly. The display was also hard to see in the sun. As a result, I returned the scale and watch to Target. Target accepted the return with no problem.

During the testing of this watch and scale, I learned that keeping track of my activity with actual measurements, motivates me to be more active. I will continue to look for a fitness watch that fits with how I would like to use it.


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