Bathroom Scale Madness

***I am not a health professional. I have no idea what is best for you. I can’t and don’t intend to give health advice to anyone. Please check with your doctor before starting a new supplement or changing your diet or starting a new activity.***

Yesterday I ran small errands. I had determined I would drink my coffee and then allow myself two ketone shakes during the day. I used it as a fasting day to help recover from my setback the day before. I did not get hungry. It went well. 

When I stepped on my scale yesterday during the day, I knew something was not right. It gave me a number too low to believe. I think it was 161.4. or something like that. 

I hadn’t been active or sweaty enough to account for going from 162.6 to 161.4 in a few hours time, especially after drinking a lot of fluids. I recently changed the battery in my scale so I know that wasn’t the problem. 

It got me thinking about accuracy in scales and wondering if there was a better scale. I want a scale that weighs accurately and does so every time. I also care about the integrity of my blog. So I went shopping.

I went to Target and Walmart and selected these scales. I took them, along with my scale, to my neighbor Lisa’s house. We unpackaged them and started testing each one. 

Lisa stepped on my scale 3 times in a row. It gave her a different weight each time. My scale weighed Lisa at 126.8, 127 and 127.2, all within a few minutes of each other.

Lisa and I tested each of the new scales also. We tested each one several times. Then I took everything home and tested each one again, including mine, several times.  

I plan to test each one again tomorrow. I also asked my family and friends for their suggestions on a highly accurate scale. I may purchase even more scales to test.

All I can reveal right now is…Wow! There are differences in quality when it comes to scales. 

I will let you know what happens. In the meantime, I will be stepping on lots of scales and reporting weights from scales that seem to be reliable, but please know the process is still in the testing phase. 

I put pictures below of what my scale has read over the past day. Stay tuned for more reporting on bathroom scale reviews. Until then, be well and happy!


Dawn Green


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