I found what works for me.



***I am not a health professional. I have no idea what is best for you. I can’t and don’t intend to give health advice to anyone. Please check with your doctor before starting a new supplement or changing your diet or starting a new activity.***

Years ago, I ate a low carb diet on a regular basis. It was a way of life for me.  I remember the moment that I started to get off of it. I wanted to eat like everyone around me.  What a mistake that was.

Looking back, my life was beginning to change in many ways. I lost both of my parents. My professional life slowed way down. One by one, my children had the nerve to grow up, move out and start their own life. I started having mobility issues with my lower back, hips and knees. I got depressed and stopped working out.

Through these years, what happened to my body and fitness was not pretty.  It started with my weight going up 10 lbs in 2013, another 10 lbs in 2015, and another 10 lbs in 2016.

Adding to all of the above, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I know that makes it harder to lose weight. Still, I told myself ‘I have to at least try to do something.’

I knew that eating simple carbs and sugar along with the extra weight they caused, were contributing to my mobility issues. I also knew the longer I let it go, the harder it would be to change. So, I ate a total low carb diet for two weeks in 2016.

What had worked so well for me before, failed. I didn’t lose any weight and I could not put my body into the hoped for state of ketosis. So I gave up the low carb effort. I thought my metabolism was too screwed up to fix.

Then in May to June of 2017 – I saw my cousin Lisa, already a fitness guru, posting on facebook about her struggle to lose recently gained weight. Someone had turned her on to the Keto//OS ketone supplement and it helped her break through to losing weight again.

The ketone supplement was developed by researchers at the University of South Florida. They were looking to help scuba divers with recovery from decompression sickness after deep dives. I liked the research and hard core science behind the product. I also trust Lisa. I ordered two flavors and waited for them to be delivered.

It is recommended to start with using only a 1/2 pack of the supplement in the morning and a 1/2 pack in the afternoon or evening. I started Day 1 with the Orange Dream flavor using a 1/2 pack in the morning and a 1/2 pack in the afternoon.

The Orange Dream is only half as strong as anything labeled ‘Max’, like Maui Max. The Max formula has twice the amount of ketones. Ketones can cause intestinal distress (read: diarrhea) when you first start using them. This did not happen to me. But be advised it can happen.

Another thing I want to note about the types of ketone supplements I am using is that they sell a charged and non-charged version of each flavor. Charged = Caffeine. Non-charged is caffeine free. I have been using the caffeine free versions.

On Day 2, It was Father’s Day. I did not achieve low carb eating that day. To make it worse, I had a chocolate craving and ate a whole ‘share size’ bag of peanut M and M’s late that night. When I tested myself the next day, after drinking a full pack of Maui Max, I was in a mild state of ketosis. Amazing!

I was relieved I hadn’t ruined it and promptly ordered the Chocolate Swirl flavor to handle any future desires for chocolate. (*See follow up note below.*) But since then I am finding that the supplement greatly curves desires for eating foods that do not contribute to progress.

If you choose to use this supplement, it is important not to look to it as the only thing you will use or do for losing weight or toward your fitness goals. This supplement is made to enhance fat loss. My experience is that I have been losing about .4 lb a day without working out.  You can order samples of the supplement I am using here.

I set the intention of eating low carb again by using it, but I purposely did not work out the first few days to see if it would perform as promised. I look forward to seeing even better results when I start working out.

Each time I drink the supplement it puts me into at least a mild state of ketosis within an hour. I use ketone strips from a drugstore to test for ketones in my urine. It took 3 days for me to start hitting moderate ketosis.

A tip for using the shakes is to put as much water and ice into them as you like. My cousin Lisa uses almond milk with hers. As long as it is sugar free I recommend you try whatever you find drinkable.

The Orange Dream tastes like a creamsicle and the Maui Max tastes like fruit punch to me and that is with just water in them. I use 8 oz. of water and 8 oz. of full fat coconut milk per packet and add ice.  I blend it all together in a blender.

* Since writing this post I have tried both chocolate flavors; Swiss Cacao Max and Chocolate Swirl. I have mixed each of them with 8 oz. of coffee and 8 oz. of coconut milk along with ice. Sometimes I add a handful of almonds before blending.*

Sample packs are a great way to try the ketone supplements. I found it ‘clicked’ for me that this works after 3 days.

I wish you well in every way. I hope you find what you need or are looking for to help you achieve all of your goals. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. May God Bless you beyond your wildest dreams!


Dawn Green


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